Twin Brooks
Twin Brooks
Stewart Creek Estuary
We need to preserve Stewarts Creek.
It abuts Twin Brooks.
Stewart Creek Estuary
Twin Brooks
Twin Brooks
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Save Twin Brooks: 35 Scudder Ave., Hyannis

Save Twin Brooks is a grassroots organization whose members seek to preserve for our future the nearly 40-acre Twin Brooks Golf Course site at 35 Scudder Ave.—
the last large open green space in Hyannis Village

We envision a better future for Hyannis, one that will provide both needed housing and green space for the people who live and work here.

LMC is a national apartment developer with no experience on Cape Cod or in other historic areas.  LMC is proposing is to build a market-rate, apartment complex on Twin Brooks Golf Course in Hyannis. The preliminary plans call for 312 apartments in 13 buildings plus a fitness center situated on the green space abutting Stewart’s Creek. Their drawings show only one access road that will open onto Scudder Avenue near the West End Rotary. The plan calls for parking for approximately 500 cars. This project would be the largest development on Cape Cod.

Preserving Open Space
Hyannis desperately needs more open space, not more development. Twin Brooks consists of 40 acres, and we strongly feel that this land should be preserved for conservation, recreation, education, community farming and cultural activities. We do not want it replaced with impermeable hard surface. Our Vision is to offer an alternative use for the property, a destination for residents and visitors alike, who will benefit from an urban park essential to a vibrant livable and sustainable Hyannis Village. A well planned  open space would enhance our urban environment and improve the quality of life in Hyannis.

Our Vision for Twin Brooks

View Presentation by Kim McGuire, President of STB
Aerial View of Twin Brooks and Stewarts Creek
Twin Brooks Site Plan

312-unit market rate, multi-family apartment complex

Why We Are Concerned

As residents of Cape Cod, we are concerned because …. Read More

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