About Us

  • We represent a group of Barnstable citizens advocating to save the 40-acre property at the Twin Brooks on the fragile Stewart’s Creek Estuary as an open space preserve for conservation and community use.
  • Over 100 residents have joined our group as of July 2021. We have a Team Leader for each area of concern, e.g. Conservation/Environment, Traffic, etc. who are leading the efforts to understand and document the impact a  312-unit apartment development will have on the Town.
  • We have met, and continue to meet, with Town Officials to identify the short and long term impact the development will have on their areas of responsibility and the benefits of preserving this property.
  • Over 1100 people have signed our change.org Petition to the Cape Cod Commission to Save Twin Brooks.
  • Cape Cod residents who support our effort include Community Leaders, Town Council Members, Civic Associations, Conservation/Environmental Organizations, Teenagers to Senior Citizens, and Environmental Justice Communities who border the Twin Brooks location.


  • We want the Twin Brooks property to become the first URBAN conservation park on Cape Cod, a destination for residents and visitors, anchoring the West End of Main Street Hyannis, connected to the Sea Street Streetscape.
  • We want to Save the Twin Brooks property as urban green space for conservation and community use, providing public access to all Town residents and attracting visitors to the area.
  • We want the Cape Cod Commission, Town of Barnstable Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, and Conservation Commission to each have full hearings, open to the public, to fully vet all issues under their jurisdiction relating to this project.
  • We want to preserve the only remaining large space in all of Hyannis that adds value to climate mitigation, water quality and wildlife habitat, protected by ownership by the Town or private land trusts for current and future generations of Cape Cod residents.
  • We want the Town of Barnstable and Cape Cod Commission to agree to preserve this parcel in line with recent guidelines provided by Federal and State governments, the Cape Cod Commission Climate Action Plan and the Town of Barnstable Open Space and Recreation Plan.
  • We want the Town of Barnstable to understand that we value the need for housing on Cape Cod and believe it would be better suited to another Town location to help preserve the fragile Stewart’s Creek Estuary.

Contact us for more information or if you would like to help in our efforts to save Twin Brooks.