How You Can Help

  1. Make a donation of any amount, large or small, to help us hire subject matter experts to support the preservation of this open space.
  1. Write, call, text, email your Barnstable Town Councilor and state your support for SAVETWINBROOKS and your interest in preserving the Twin Brooks Golf Course.  
  1. Call into a Barnstable Town Council meeting and state, during Public Comment, in 3 minutes or less, why you believe this property should be saved. 
  1. Sign online our petition at asking the Cape Cod Commission to preserve the property as open space for community and conservation use.
  1. If you are a Registered Barnstable Voter, sign our petition to the Town Council to request a separate meeting in front of the Town Council to present the facts we have learned in support of preserving this property. Email us you are interested in signing this petition.
  1. Volunteer to collect signatures of Registered Barnstable Voters for our petition to the Town Council.  
  1. Make a Public Comment and submit written statements at the Cape Cod Commission and Town of Barnstable Public Hearings on the 35 Scudder/Twin Brooks proposed development. Follow this website for dates of upcoming hearings.

8. Email us to place a SAVETWINBROOKS Yard Sign on your property. We will deliver the sign to you. A donation of $10 to cover the cost of the sign will be graciously accepted, but not required.