Sample Letters to Town Councilors

We’d like to encourage you to communicate with your Town Councilor. Since we have had many requests to help you get the conversation started, we have written some sample letters to help you. Find the letter that resonates with you and copy and paste it into an email or snail mail to your Town Councilor. These can also be used as talking points should you decide to speak at the Town Council Public Forum. Please feel free to use your own words, or be creative and write your own letter.

Letter 1: Stop the Development of the Twin Brooks golf course.

I want to make it known that I am against eliminating the green space at Twin Brooks and replacing it with a 312 multi-unit market rate apartment complex.  This project goes against everything that I have come to know and love about Cape Cod.

While I believe we do need housing, this is not the right location. A dense development of this size will negatively impact the wild life that live there. It also brings with it traffic congestion in an already congested area affecting pedestrian and driver safety, as well as water quality concerns.

Please look carefully at this project.  I am counting on you to do the right thing.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Letter 2: Save our Waterways

I’m opposed to the development of the Twin Brooks golf course and can’t imagine why the Town of Barnstable would allow permitting for such a dense development so close to estuaries and waterways. 

The homeowners around Stewart’s Creek were forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars to preserve Stewart’s Creek when the sewers were run through the neighborhood.  Now is the time for the Town Council to do their part in saving our waterways.

By taking away a natural buffer provided by the current greenspace exposes the rest of Hyannis to damage from rising sea levels. Let’s keep this property green and be a buffer against sea-level rise and climate change. Filling in acres of green space with multiple high-rise buildings and pavement doesn’t save our waterways.

We have so little open space in Hyannis. Surely, we can do better.  Before you change that, think about something better than a dense development and parking lot.

Thank you for your consideration,

Letter 3: We need more Open Space in Hyannis

Do you know that West Hyannis does not have a single large public park? Not one. 

Veterans park is overused and overcrowded most summers. Other than the beach areas, there is no place to enjoy a family picnic and no place to enjoy a day in the air without the sun beating down on you. 

Now we have a chance to build a beautiful public park with opportunities for recreation and environmental education on this site.

All great cities have great parks! Take a stand for the residents.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration,

Letter 4: Over-development/traffic at West End Rotary

Many options were discussed regarding housing from moving the location of this development to vacant lots and buildings, which are in abundance around town. Twin Brooks is not the right location for a development this dense.

Have you ever driven down West Main Street at 2:30 in the afternoon? Do you really think that this area needs MORE traffic? It is already a dangerous place to drive and walk. You take your life in your hands driving down Scudder as someone makes a run for the liquor store or the bank.

The traffic will be magnified if the Twin Brooks site is developed, and, the open green space that the golf course offers will be lost forever. Please do not allow the development of Twin Brooks.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration,

Letter 5: : Please don’t

I recently attended a meeting of folks who oppose the development of the Twin Brooks golf course and I was very impressed with the speakers and the people in the audience who are genuinely interested in improving the Town. 

Please don’t allow our Town to be overrun with big box apartment complexes. Cape Cod is not, and should not start looking like, another Boston suburb.

Living on the ocean is special, and Barnstable is a special place. Let’s help keep it that way.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

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