Myths vs. Facts

This is a done deal!

Absolutely not! This is a long process with many steps. To learn more about this process, listen to the speech by John Ale.

The MA Environmental Policy Act Office, MEPA, approved this project.

Not true. MEPA does not approve projects. The MEPA office concluded only that, based on the developer’s filings, the project did not warrant further review at this time. MEPA acknowledged concerns expressed by several Town Councilors and residents and encouraged concerned residents to continue to participate in the review process.

There is nothing we can do. There is a signed P&S between a private seller and a buyer.

The proposed project is subject to careful review at every stage of the process requiring zoning changes and other mitigation for approval, allowing the town to be proactive in reviewing the project. The final vote will be at the Town Council level. This is where you come in, make your concerns heard!

STB is made up of wealthy NIMBYS who don’t want housing in their neighborhood.

Our membership includes residents throughout the Town of Barnstable with the goal of preserving this parcel for restoration, not massive development, on this estuary.

If we don’t put this large housing project on the Twin Brooks parcel the homeless people will move in and this will become a “Needle Park.”

The golf course is currently open to the public, and it is not a needle park.

If this doesn’t go through the owner of the property will put in a 40B housing project with up to 510 units.

A 40B development would be allowed to build up to 510 units — 200 more units than proposed. The owner, who could have built a 40B anytime in the past, said that it is all about money. He indicated that the only thing that may be a factor of this development is climate change. Let’s consider finding someone who would give him more money for the property and institute measures that would allow this property to remain as is to help mitigate climate change.

STB is opposed to housing.

Absolutely not. STB advocates for more workforce/pay check sustainable housing on Cape Cod. There are currently 928 units of multi-family housing either in the pipeline* or already built IN HYANNIS, NOT INCLUDING LMC’s PROPOSED PROJECT. None of these multi-housing units are on an estuary that flows into Nantucket Sound. None of them are on the failing West End Rotary, promising more congestion. 

*2017-2022 proposed, in-permitting, permitted or under construction. See Residential Development Report

There will not be a significant impact on wildlife because the developer is proposing putting 19 acres into a Conservation Restriction area (CRA). 

The developer is not putting 19 acres into a CRA, because over half of the proposed land is already protected wetlands and is unbuildable. On the uplands they will actually MOVE THE FISH! before they fill in pond #4. There will be over 500 mature trees removed where where birds of many species, including red tail hawks are nesting.