Progress Report

  • On March 9, 2023, Save Twin Brooks, Cape Way Towing and a local resident, filed an appeal against the Cape Cod Commission alleging unlawful approval and faulty hearing process approving the proposed 310 unit, 510 apartment complex in Hyannis on the land known as Twin Brooks Golf Course
  • As of April, 2023, over 3000 people have signed our Petition to the Cape Cod Commission to Save Twin Brooks.
  • December, 2022 – April 2023: Save Twin Brooks held its first Village Meetup in Centerville in December with over 50 attendees. Meetups have been held in each of the 7 villages of Barnstable. The villages were well represented at these interactive meetups, as well as by residents form other Cape Cod towns (Falmouth, Mashpee, Harwich, Yarmouth, Yarmouthport, and Dennis.)
  • On January 12, 2022, members of the Save Twin Brooks BOD attended the first stakeholder meeting sponsored by the Cape Cod Commission on Developmental Pressures on Agricultural, Recreational, and Institutional Lands. The discussion included, among other topics, the balance between growth and environmental protection, open space and water supply protection, coastal resiliency and redevelopment. What we observed was a civil discussion of how Cape Cod green space fits in with the development pressures, need for housing, economic development of the community and many other issues.
  • In December 2021, A petition signed by over 600 registered voters was submitted to the Town of Barnstable to bring a separate meeting to discuss the Twin Brooks project prior to the Town Council vote. We are looking forward to a civil discussion on all of the issues related to this project.
  • December, 2021, A Vision for Twin Brooks as a destination (or Central Park of Hyannis) was developed by Save Twin Brooks.
  • In November, 2021, 150 people attended a public forum at the DoubleTree Hotel in Hyannis to address the benefits of preserving this site and the short and long-term risks of constructing a massive, market rate, gated apartment complex on the fragile Stewart’s Creek Estuary, at the West End Rotary.  View Presentation by Kim McGuire, President of Twin Brooks.
  • Cape Cod residents who support our effort include Community Leaders, Town Council Members, Civic Associations, Conservation/Environmental Organizations, Teenagers to Senior Citizens, and Environmental Justice Communities who border the Twin Brooks location.
  • We have met, and continue to meet, with Town Officials to identify the short and long term impact the development will have on their areas of responsibility and the benefits of preserving this property.


  • We want to preserve the only remaining large space in all of Hyannis that adds value to climate mitigation, water quality and wildlife habitat, protected by ownership by the Town or private land trusts for current and future generations of Cape Cod residents.
  • We want to Save the Twin Brooks property as urban green space for conservation and community use, providing public access to all Town residents and attracting visitors to the area.
  • We want the Cape Cod Commission, Town of Barnstable Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, and Conservation Commission to each have full hearings, open to the public, to fully vet all issues under their jurisdiction relating to this project.

Contact us for more information or if you would like to help in our efforts to save Twin Brooks.